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Bastenburgh Capital is a boutique private equity firm focusing on the acquisition and enrichment of luxury properties within the hotel and hospitality sector.

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Backed by seasoned, astute founders with a wealth of expertise, education, and unwavering decisiveness, our integrated team ensures a track record of success.


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We’re maximizing returns for recognized properties nestled in capital cities, creating new experiences, drawing in elite travelers, and fostering robust economic growth.

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We're Revitalizing Boutique Properties Worldwide

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Our Mission

Bastenburgh Capital is dedicated to strategically acquiring underperforming hotel and hospitality assets, identifying and unlocking enhanced opportunities to elevate their operational efficiency and overall performance. Our mission is to maximize shareholder returns through astute management practices, innovative improvements, and a commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry.

Our Vision

Bastenburgh Capital envisions itself as a premier boutique private equity firm specializing in the acquisition and transformation of properties within the hotel and hospitality sector. Our vision is to consistently deliver unparalleled excellence, elevate guest experiences, and create enduring value for our stakeholders through strategic investments and meticulous enhancements.