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Investing in hotel real estate offers a reliable avenue to preserve and grow wealth, providing stability in uncertain economic climates.

At Bastenburgh Capital, our specialty involves acquiring underperforming boutique hotels and strategically revitalizing them to enhance their overall performance. Presently, we’re actively engaged in two pilot projects—one centrally located in London and another in New York City’s midtown district.

Our approach includes structuring acquisitions as separate Limited Partnerships, tailored to meet the unique needs of our investors.

Hotel real estate has a proven track record as a hedge against inflation, particularly during times of rising market pressures. Post-pandemic, numerous properties require revitalization, offering a compelling opportunity for us to rejuvenate these assets.

Owners, facing financial strains and high debt interest costs, seek viable solutions for their properties. Hotels, with their short-term lease nature measured in days, exhibit flexibility to adapt swiftly to inflationary trends.

Ultimately, our focus remains on acquiring underperforming boutique hotels and transforming them into thriving, profitable assets.