Head of Real Estate

Jeffrey Fry

Jeffrey Fry is a commercial real estate broker and Vice President for a major international property development firm. Prior, he was a partner with a leading Canadian commercial real estate firm active in major commercial real estate transactions across the country. Throughout, they were responsible for the largest consolidation of self-storage properties in Canadian history having completed a transaction worth over $500 Million, vending into what became a public Real Estate Investment Trust.

Jeffrey Fry was also partner and co-Founder of a Canadian investment firm within the renewable energy sector.  He also co-founded a renewable energy investment firm based in Los Angeles California, active in commercial solar and wind project financing in Europe and the Americas.

Before this, he held several roles in an international investment bank, an independent full-service investment bank providing underwriting and financial advisory services to companies in the power, infrastructure, technology, energy, and mining sectors.

The firm, which is headquartered in Toronto, primarily serviced small and mid-cap issuers in North America and around the world, focused on providing clients with unique insight through the ability to analyze all of the influencing factors of the transaction and has participated in over $5 Billion in equity financing.

Prior to his business career, Jeffrey Fry served as an Officer in the Canadian Army and has continued service with the primary reserve.

He has served on overseas and domestic operations in varying senior leadership roles and has completed several military education programs focused on leadership, management, and planning.

In addition to military education, he studied business at the University of Guelph, Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate Law, OREA College, and Eastern European Business at Moscow State University.

Jeffrey Fry has also been active in organizations such as the Royal Canadian Artillery Association, Canadian Real Estate Association, The Vimy Foundation, World Wildlife Foundation and the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association.

He is also a member of the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto, and The Naval and Military Club, St. James’ Square, London.

Jeffrey Fry is an avid traveler, aviator, and antique car enthusiast.

Honors and Awards:

Canadian Forces Decoration
Special Service Medal
Brigade Commander’s Commendation