Chief Executive Officer

Zane Piekenbrock

Zane had a 25-year career in the Canadian Armed Forces as a senior officer specializing in information warfare and serving as a tank squadron commander and as Deputy Commander of an information operations unit including military intelligence, liaison, and psychological warfare. In the private sector, he as an advisor to the board and CEO of a private hedge fund. 

Zane has been on the Board of Directors for the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, and Treasurer for a public art gallery. He is currently on the board of directors for the Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum, Canada’s largest collection of operational military vehicles.

In the Canadian Armed Forces Zane worked at an ambassadorial level, deploying overseas twice with the Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation in West Africa and Kenya.  He was then attached to the Canadian expeditionary command, and engaged with the Libya Crisis Team as part of Canada’s commitment to NATO.  He has operational experience in Afghanistan serving under the Commander of the Kabul Multi-National Brigade and then in the Command Cell as the Military Assistant to the Deputy Commander, interacting with senior Afghan commanders from the Northern Alliance and other leaders of the new Afghan Army.  He developed and secured funding for the Kabul Joint Security Coordination Centre, which coordinated communications between local and international media and all security forces. He organized and coordinated the construction and reorganization of the six Kabul Entry Points and built close relationships with local populations, authorities, organizations, and agencies to facilitate Canadian Government projects.

On his return to Canada, his distinguished military career continued, serving at the Directorate of Army Training; as Acting Officer Commanding of RANA FM (the Canadian forces PSYOPS radio station), chairing the Qualification Standard writing boards; Chief Planner of the team that reorganized CIMIC, INFO OPS, PSYOPS, Intelligence and Communications into one command. He received the Canadian Army Commander’s Commendation for his outstanding professionalism and dedication as Acting Deputy Commanding Officer of Land Forces Central Area Troops, as Squadron Commander with the Governor General’s Horse Guards, and for his expertise in the field of INFO OPS, CIMIC, and PSYOPS, along with acknowledgment for his valued role as an instructor at the Peace Support Training Centre.

In civilian life, he has established his own ventures including a consulting firm, “Action Influence”, which brings information support, and psychological operations activities into the civilian world.  He is a volunteer with Team Rubicon’s disaster response team. Conducting requirements & capabilities assessments for towns and areas, including emergency response (food, water, shelter, power, etc.) health, safety, and cultural considerations are emphasized. He has deployed for disasters seven times including being responsible for all Team Rubicon operations in the state of Louisiana.

He has worked with the advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather and the hedge fund Barometer Capital.  As a commercial gallery director in the 1990s, Zane represented such Canadian and international artists as Cindy Sherman, Damian Hirst, Michael Snow, and Ian Wallace, amongst others. Zane is also the first Managing Director of the Canadian charity “Canada Company, Many Ways to Serve”.

Zane is a graduate of Queen’s University (Canada) with both a BA and a BFA. He has also completed an MFA (in Media) at University College London (United Kingdom) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Publicity and Public Relations from the University of Toronto (Canada). He is a qualified mountain guide, climbing guide, alpine guide, and canoe and sea kayak instructor.